September 2017: New paper on Scientific Reports from Dr. Moreira de Mello

  Moreira de Mello JC, Fernandes GR, Vibranovski MD, Pereira LV. (2017) Early X chromosome inactivation during human preimplantation development revealed by single-cell RNA-sequencing. Sci Rep. 7:10794. Our lab publishes Joana Moreira de Mello’s work together with Lygia Pereira’s Group on the X chromosome inactivation during human preimplantation development on Scientific Reports.

May 2016: New tricks from old genes

The journalist Reinaldo Jose Lopes published last Sunday (May, 08th)  a comment about Gustavo’s work in Nature Communication . The report came out in the newspaper Folha de Sao Paulo and explains in a simple and elegant way our results. Novos truques de velhos genes – 08_05_2016 – Reinaldo José Lopes – Colunistas – Folha […]

April 2016: New paper on Nature Communications

Franca GS, Vibranovski MD, Galante PA. Host gene constraints and genomic context impact the expression and evolution of human microRNAs. Apr 25; 7:11438. Our lab publishes Gustavo Francas’s work together with Pedro Galante’s Group on the evolution of microRNAs and host genes at Nature Communications.